Round Drop-In Diopters

Our round drop-in closeup lenses (diopters) are optical elements that can be used to increase the magnification of a lens. Close-Up Lenses are often called diopters, diopter filters or diopter lenses. These magnifying lenses are used when you need to get really close-up images of small objects.  We make our Round Drop-In close-up lenses in two professional cine sizes: 4.5" Round Drop-In and 138mm Round Drop-In.  We offer 6 strengths of +1/8 +1/4, +1/2, +1, +2 and +3.  All of our Close-Up lenses have a broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coated (MC Coating).  Use these plano-convex close-up lenses for quickly getting a close-up of small objects.

We also offer our 138mm glass mounted directly in 4x5.65 filter trays.  See our Tray Mount Close-Up Lenses

If you need the vey best image quality, please consider our Brilliant Macro Attachment Lenses