Rota-Pol Polarizers

Rota-Pol Circular Polarizers that fit directly into 4x5.65” or 6.6x6.6" matte boxes and allow simple and effective rotation of the included Brilliant-Pol Circular Polarizer. The Brilliant² 4x5.65" Rota-Pol fits directly in 4x5.65" matte boxes. The included 138mm Brilliant-Pol circular polarizerprovides a large 5.25" clear aperture and 1.5 stops of light reduction (38% transmission)

Every Lindsey Optics Rotapola has a broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating (MC Coating) with an easy clean top coating.

Our The Brilliant² 4x5.65" 1-Stop Rota-Pol for 4x5.65 matte boxes has the same large 5.2" clear aperture and offers 1 stop of light reduction (50% transmission)

The Brilliant² 6.6x6.6" Rota-Pol fits directly in 6.6x6.6" matte boxes and the included 161mm circular polarizer provides a large 6.25" clear aperture with 1.5 Stops of light reduction (38% transmission.  

With the Lindsey Optics Rotapola you can have a rotating polarizer in your matte box, even light weight clip-on matte boxes without rotating stages.  It's quick to insert and easy to adjust either by hand or with a motor.