4x5.65" +1/4 Diopter Rota-Split Close-Up Lens 50%

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+1/4 Diopter 50% Split Field Rotating Close-Up Lens that fits 4x5.65" Matte Boxes using 1 matte box slot
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Brilliant² Rota-Split +1/4 Diopter 50% - A 50% Split Field Rotating Close-Up Lens that fits 4x5.65" Matte Boxes using 1 matte box slot.

Our Brilliant 138mm +1/4 Diopter Close-Up lens is cut in half and mounted in a geared rotating tray for quick and easy alignment of the split line.

Split field diopters - close-up lenses are used to create dramatic near/far effects in a scene.  The near object is seen through the 50% cut lens and the more distant objects are imaged through the blank space in the filter.

The cut edge of the lens is usually aligned with an edge in the scene such as a table edge, a door frame, building edge or a tree trunk.  This hides the transition line and creates a seamless near/far effect. 

The Rota-Split geared rotating tray makes it easy to quickly get perfect alignment of the lens edge. 

The full range of Brilliant² Rota-Split filters for deep focus cinematography includes values of +1/4 diopter, +1/2 diopter, +1 diopter, +2 diopter and +3 diopter.  The +1/4, +1/2 and +1 values fit in one matte box slot.  The +2 value uses 2 slots and the +3 value uses 3 matte box slots.

Brilliant² Rota-Split filters have a Broadband Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating (MC Coating) that reduces reflections from the lens preventing unwanted ghost images and reducing stray light (flare).