Contrast Control Filter

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Introducing the revolutionary Lindsey Optics RGB Contrast Control Filter, a game-changer for cinematographers seeking unparalleled control over their visual narrative. This innovative filter empowers filmmakers to manipulate the interplay between light and shadow in camera. By selectively flashing shadows with vibrant RGB hues, the filter not only diminishes the dynamic range but also enables precise mood modulation within the scene. Gone are the limitations of conventional fixed lowcon contrast filters; this filter transcends boundaries, offering a dynamic palette for artistic expression.

Imagine a noir scene where the shadows pulsate with crimson intensity, heightening tension and intrigue with every flicker. Alternatively, in a dreamy sequence, soft azure hues delicately dance across the shadows, evoking a sense of ethereal tranquility. Whether aiming for gritty realism or surreal fantasy, the RGB Contrast Control Filter empowers cinematographers to sculpt light and shadow with unparalleled finesse in camera, elevating storytelling to new heights of visual poetry. With this tool in hand, the boundaries of cinematic expression are expanded, inviting filmmakers to explore the full spectrum of emotion and atmosphere.

An external controller gives the operator complete control over the RGB Contrast Control Filter (CCF). The responsive 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen allows for easy selection of the hue and comprehensive control of the behavior of the CCF.

Utilizing 56 high-brightness RGB LEDs, the CCF provides a wide range of hues including primary colors, various white light color temperatures and custom colors. LED light intensity can be varied allowing precise adjustments to contrast level and shadow hue.
Powered by a rear-mounted battery (not included) or from a USB source, both the CCF and controller offer portability and flexibility on set. Communication with the CCF tray is via USB-C, ensuring efficient data transfer. Designed to seamlessly integrate into any 4x5.65" matte box setup, the CCF tray occupies just one slot and does not interfere with other accessories. With its user-friendly interface and advanced functionality, the RGB Contrast Control Filter revolutionizes color control in cinematography.