Brilliant Full Spectrum IR ND Neutral Density Filters

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Neutral Density filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens, allowing the shooter to open the aperture for reduced depth of field, or slow the shutter speed for motion blur.

Our broad range of ND values gives you complete creative control under any lighting conditions.

Lindsey Optics Full Spectrum Brilliant IR ND filters are full-spectrum neutral density filters that attenuate all wavelengths of light including UV, Visible and Infra-Red. 

Cutting the Infra-Red energy eliminates "Infra-Red pollution" which can cause unwanted color shifts with digital cameras.

Constructed from solid glass, the neutral grey color won't ever change.  The grey color is in the glass itself, it is not in a plastic layer or a surface coating.

These solid glass filters have a durable anti-reflection coating reduces reflections on both filter surfaces. This reduces stray light resulting in brilliant images with vibrant contrast and color saturation. Available in ND values ND 0.3 and ND 3.0, they offer light reduction between 1 stop, which is 50% transmission, and 10 stops, which is 0.1% transmission

All Lindsey Optics filters have serial numbers for improved trace-ability for warranty claims and inventory control by dealers and rental houses.


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    Full Spectrum IR ND filter

    Posted by Jeff Fortier on Jun 7th 2020

    Fantastic filter, was able to finally test it and loving the quality of the glass!