Brilliant Compression Ring Clamp - 95mm Barrel to M100

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95mm Compression Ring Clamp

When a cine lens does not have accessory threads (filter threads), it is still possible to mount an accessory on the lens using one of our clamps.

This is a 3 piece compression ring clamp consisting of 2 metal threaded rings and a DelrinTM and silicone split ring. The two metal rings compress the split ring onto the lens barrel firmly.

This adapter clamps onto Zeiss Ultra Prime and Leica Summicron-C lenses and other lenses with 95mm lens barrels to provide a 100mm female accessory thread. Our 100mm Brilliant Macro threaded Adapters can then be attached.  Requires a threaded adapter such as L-70-01-00002 or L-70-01-00008.

To find the correct adapter combination for specific lenses known to be compatible with Brilliant Macro Lenses, see our lens compatibility guide.