Brilliant² 6.6x6.6" / 161mm Variable ND Filter

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Variable Neutral Density Filter offering 2 - 8 stops of light reduction, fits in 6.6x6.6" matte boxes
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Brilliant² 6.6x6.6" Variable Neutral Density

- Fast and Flexible Variable ND -

  • Change the ND value fast as the light changes or quickly find just the right ND value to get the desired lens aperture and depth of field.
  • Unlike other Variable NDs, it works when inserted in either orientation. So insertion is fumble free.
  • Optional motor mounting allows smooth and repeatable fade effects.
  • 2 to 8 stops of light control.
  • Cuts Both Visible and Near Infrared Light.
  • Broadband Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection water resistant and oil resistant coating.

2 - 8 Stops of Light Control - Including Near Infrared

The Brilliant² Variable ND provides between 2 stops and 8 stops of Variable Neutral Density light control, with ND values between ND 0.6 (2 Stops) and ND 2.4 (8 Stops) with excellent neutral color.

The desired ND value is obtained by rotating either of the geared thumb wheels by hand or with a motor.

Thumb Wheels are Engraved

The thumb wheels are engraved with alpha characters from A to H.  A 360 degree rotation of the thumb wheels changes the Neutral Density from minimum to maximum.

Cuts Near Infrared Light

Visible light is attenuated and near infrared light from 700nm to 850nm is also reduced, giving good control of "IR Pollution" with camera sensors sensitive to infrared.

Broadband Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating

Our Broadband Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection coating prevents internal filter-to-filter reflections within the Variable Neutral Density Filter and with any other filter in the matte box. Contrast is maintained and ghost images are prevented.

Our coating is water repellent and oil repellent which results in a filter that is easy to clean and easy to keep clean.

Large 6.33 Inch Clear Aperture

The two included Brilliant Pol Circular Polarizers have a large 6.33 inch clear aperture, perfect for use with wide angle lenses and large diameter zoom lenses.

Unique Construction

The Brilliant² Variable Neutral Density Filter is constructed using all aluminum body and gears. A Brilliant-Pol Circular Polarizer is mounted in the large main gear, which runs on Delrin rollers for smooth no-slip rotation. A second Brilliant-Pol Circular Polarizer is mounted in a fixed position.

The unique tray mount design allows quick and easy insertion into 4x565 matte boxes.

Insert in Either Orientation

Because it's constructed with two circular polarizers, it functions perfectly when inserted in either orientation.

As with all circular polarizers, the Brilliant-Pol Circular Polarizers used in the Brilliant² Variable ND are made with 2 components laminated between sheets of glass. There's a linear polarization element that does the main work of polarization and a "quarter wave retarder" that spins the light to avoid unwanted cross polarization. The Brilliant² Variable ND is assembled with the quarter wave plate of each circular polarizer facing outward. The outward facing (world side) circular polarizer prevents any accidental polarization in the scene. The inward facing (camera side) circular polarizer prevents any cross polarization in the camera.

Optional Motorized Control

The handle has two holes with standard 1/4 20 thread to allow mounting a motor for wireless remote control for Jib and Crane or any remote operation, as well as smooth fade effects. By synchronizing motorized variable ND with the lens aperture a variable depth of field effect can be achieved.

Fits in 6.6x6.6" Matte Boxes - Uses 2 Slots

The Brilliant² Variable ND is designed to fit in 6.6"x6.6" matte boxes, occupying 2 slots in the matte box.