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The Brilliant Macro +3 attachment lens is designed to give you astonishingly sharp images of very small object fields. 

Brilliant Macro Lenses are designed to work with cine prime lenses by Cooke, Leica, Schneider and Zeiss, as well as compact zooms such as those made by by Canon, Zeiss, Sigma, Tokina and others. When used with a high quality compact zoom, the image stays in focus through the entire zoom range, giving a new dimension in macro cinematography. Compact and light weight, Brilliant Macro Lenses are designed to attach directly to the base lens via a suite of available adapters.

Lindsey Optics Brilliant Macro attachment lenses are designed to be used with digital formats up to Full Frame 24 x 36mm and will perform even better with smaller formats, such as Super 35. 

Used in combination with  a Cooke 5i T1.4 lens, the Brilliant Macro Lenses make large aperture macro possible, allowing new creative possibilities utilizing the shallow depth of field from that large aperture.

The Brilliant Macro's 3-element air spaced design, using exotic optical glass, offers performance that far exceeds that of two element achromatic doublets. Because of their unique design, they can be stacked to achieve extremely high magnifications.

Brilliant Macro lenses do not suffer from light loss when working in the macro range. A T2.0 prime lens and Brilliant Macro combination remains a T2.0 system.

While the Brilliant Macro Lens cannot improve the performance of the lens they are used with, when the base lens is good enough, this macro adapter can achieve resolution up to 90 lp/mm.

Brilliant Macro Lenses are available in three strengths: +1, +2 and +3. By choosing specific combinations of base lens focal length and Brilliant Macro strength, the user has complete creative control of object size, working distance and perspective in the macro space.

Now you can get extreme close focus without the chromatic aberrations and loss of sharpness that accompany other lesser solutions.

Mounting adapters are available to attach the Brilliant Macro lenses to a range of professional lenses for cinematography. Custom adapters are available upon request.