Brilliant Adapter - M100 x 0.75 x 48.5L - Zeiss Ultra Prime 100mm - Leica

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Adapts Brilliant Macro lenses to the Zeiss Ultra-Prime and Ultra-Prime LDS 100mm lenses. 

Since the Ultra Prime lenses do not have filter threads, this adapter must be used with a clamping adapter.  For the Ultra-Prime, us the 95mm clamping adapter PN: L-70-03-00001.  For Ultra-Prime LDS use the 104mm Clamping Adapter PN: L-70-03-00002

The length of this adapter is designed to provide proper spacing between the Brilliant Macro Lenses and the Zeiss Ultra-Prime 100mm lens.  Requires a clamping adapter.

For a list of adapters needed for specific lenses, see the Known Lens Compatibility Guide.